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TGS Tulsa Annals 46-Year Index (1966-2012)



The Tulsa Annals Forty-six Index is formatted to foster the ancestry research, members and the researcher/writers who shared their information via this Tulsa Genealogical Society publication since 1966. Tulsa Annals concluded publication with the last Summer 2012 Edition.


The Index is topical, with a few details per entry, to give the browser some clues about whether this is a probable name or family or place for which they seek new information. The details include dates and locations mentioned in the periodicals. The dates may indicate the earliest known date of a family history, which will include the person named.

The Index is not a comprehensive surname list for the 117 Tulsa Annals issues. But the Index does permit search for surnames in the first six sections. The last two categories, Historical Records and Research and Resources, give rich supplemental details for family histories.


List of Sections (Click on each section title to view)

Individuals and Families: Bible or Other Family Records

Marriage and Divorce Records

Obituaries, Cemetery or Funeral Home Records

Community: Schools

Community: Government and Public Organizations; other Groups

Community Records: Census, Deeds, Probate Records or Wills

Community: Historical Records

Guidelines for Ancestry Research and Resources


If there is an article or page of interest to you, please request a copy by listing the Tulsa Annals Issue date and Volume numbers, including the descriptive line listed in the Index. Cost for copies is $2.50 for up to three pages; $1.00 per page for each additional page, postage included. Requests may be mailed to:

Tulsa Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 35106
Tulsa, OK 74153