Tulsa Genealogical Society
9136 E. 31st Street
Tulsa, OK 74101-0585


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TGS Officers
President  Dorothy Becknell
1st Vice President (Program Chairman) Carol Ellis-Jones
2nd Vice President (Publicity Chairman)  Beverly Weldon
Recording Secretary Sandi Ford
Treasurer  Paul Smith

TGS Board of Directors:
(Service Term ends June 30th,)

Elizabeth Browne
Sarah Holt
Vicki Lang
Beverly Weldon

Sandi Ford
Ron Hardy
Jayne Flippin Mitchell, ATGS
Paul Smith

Dorothy Becknell

Carol Ellis-Jones
Donna Harmon
Everett Neal

Committee Chair Persons and Special Appointments:
Communications/Newsletter/Website Dorothy Becknell
Editor, Judith Jae Jaeger
Facilities, Everett Neal
Finance, Ron Hardy
Grant Writer, Everett Neal
Historian Gloria Fortney
Honors Janice Meredith, FTGS
Librarian Janice Meredith, FTGS
Assistant Librarian Linda Brown, ATGS
Membership, Donna Harmon
Nominating Jim Hemphill, ATGS
Office Manager, Jayne Flippin Mitchell, ATGS
Publications, Sandi Ford
Society Research, Jenise Brantley
Special Programs, Elizabeth Browne
Ways & Means, Dorothy Becknell

TGS, Inc. Statement of Purpose
The purposes of this corporation shall be educational, shall bring together interested persons for discussion and interchange of opinions and planning in the field of genealogy, shall study methods of research, shall develop and maintain ancestral charts and records for the benefit of the general public, shall assist interested persons in genealogical research and compilations, shall issue publications, shall collect and preserve genealogical material and historical data for the benefit of all interested persons, shall encourage the establishment of more and better genealogical departments and libraries, shall encourage the establishment of additional societies within the state, and shall acquire genealogical books, magazines, papers and records, and donate them to genealogical libraries.

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